A word from the president

Friday, March 13, 2015

“Engaging company sport to worldwide level”

Why did you decide to create the World Federation for Company Sport (WFCS)?

As many French and European leaders, it has been a long time that I have planned about the creation project of a World Federation for Company Sport. Indeed, I was convinced that it is an essential step regarding the democratization of implementing physical activity within the workplace.

Company sport needs to be everyday more visible, clear and legible. To exist at national level, we need to be present at the scale of the continent and for that purpose, we need to develop and organize company sport at international level.

At first, I was approached by the Asian Company Sport Federation that includes a dozen countries around Pakistan and India to consider a possible collaboration with the European Federation for Company Sport of which I am the President because they felt that the model of EFCS was really relevant. More than a partnership, and after our discussion, it was clear that the creation of an independent world organization can be the right way to develop company sport. At the same time, contacts with China, Japan and South Korea confirmed our orientation and project.

Gradually, the idea of a World Federation for Company Sport has been clearer and clearer as company sport answers to a need clearly expressed as well by employees and employers. Whether it was for social issues, management, corporate culture, networking, productivity or health, the positive impact of physical activity in the workplace is now recognized.
Employees’ well-being and performance: two arguments that resonate with employees and key decision makers.

It’s summarized in this baseline: company sport is much more than sport!

In a more practical way, what is the role of the World Federation for Company Sport (WFCS)?

The main objective of the World Federation for Company Sport is to maintain, promote and develop sport and physical activities in the professional context.

To fulfill these objectives, several tools and actions will be organized by our organization.

At first, the Federation will be in charge of the organization of international sport festivals and events. One important activity of the Federation will concern World Company Summer and Winter Games. The first World Company Summer Games will take place in June 2016. You will know the host city really soon.

Furthermore, as part of the promotion of company sport, WFCS will participate and organize workshops, conferences, congress regarding topics and issues related to company sport and well-being, health, performance, management…

Finally, the Federation will also be a wide and rich space of expertise, goods practices and experiences’ exchanges between WFCS different members.
Assuming the fact that we are always stronger as a group and with many stakeholders, we create this structure at international level in the same way as we acted for European Federation for Company Sport.
The need to meet together, the need to share together, the need to gather together and build together: here are great ambitions that we expect to complete in the next years.There are many areas and issues to deal with but they are so ambitious and exciting. Only an effective, respectful and diverse organization can meet these challenges. So come on and join us now!