Afficher l'image d'origineAssociative bodies of the WFCS are the General Assembly (“world congress") and the Executive Committee. The General Assembly is composed of the representatives of the active and associated members, the honorary members and the members of the Executive Committee.

From the founding of the federation until 2017, the President, the General Secretary, the General Treasurer and the members of the Executive Committee are elected for a three-year-term. After that, the General Assembly elects the members of the Executive Committee for a four-year term.


Until 2017 :

President General Secretary General Treasurer

The General Assembly entrusts the Control Commission with the checking of the accounts run by the Executive Committee, and to establish a report thereof.

The Electoral Commission is responsible that all elections are prepared and organised according to the charter.

The Executive Committee consists of 15 members elected by the General Assembly with the following positions :

• The President

• The General Secretary and the Deputy General Secretary

• The General Treasurer and the Deputy General Treasurer

• The First and the Second Vice-Presidents

• 5 vice president, one for each continents

• 3 other members

The president also appoints special counsellors in charge of three areas :

• Sport

• Marketing and Communication

• Health and Diversity